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One of the UK's lifestyle stores, Marks and Spencer

Marks & Spencer, one of the largest lifestyle stores in the UK with a tradition of 130 years, offers a luxurious lifestyle to their consumers in over 1,200 stores in the world, presented by top quality fashion, food, beauty, and home furniture. M&S is the largest retail brand in the UK offering privately owned products only. M&S has been securing its know-how for a long time on supplying the best quality products at the lowest price by directly operating with businesses from start to finish of all products. M&S is considered the most reliable enterprise among the British by engaging in honest and ethical business practices.

M&S has been representing the UK in Korea by supplying premium quality food products, and a variety of fashion items including apparel, shoes, lingerie, and loungewear etc., all offered at affordable prices.

Characterized by best quality, affordable prices and innovative and practical design, M&S has been favored by an extensive range of consumers from the 20s to 60s with top quality items that portray an artist's sincerity and emotion in their designs.

An Enterprise that Coexists with the Environment

As an exemplary enterprise implementing social responsibility, M&S has been continuing its 'Plan A Environment Campaign' since Jan. 2007. 'Plan A' has been implementing the love for our environment with activities in about 270 stores in 40 countries all over the world, introducing a healthier lifestyle through 5 eco-friendly campaigns: 'Climate Change' aiming to save energy, 'Waste' to minimize wastes, 'Sustainable Raw Materials' using eco-friendly materials, 'Fair Partner' for fair trade, and 'Health' which pursues a healthier lifestyle.

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