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MCM (Modern Creation München)

Designed for global nomads, MCM defines New School Luxury with progressive, creative and iconic styles. The German luxury brand abides by no preconceived notions, instead audaciously inventing its own principles of contemporary expression and personal dressing – guided less by rules of style but more by curiosity, instinct, legacy and freedom. Founded in 1976 at the height of Munich's cultural renaissance, MCM embraces tradition while at the same time focuses on high-tech materials and modern comfort. MCM is where classicism meets rebellion, where a fond regard for the past fuses with a palpable desire to shape both the present and the future. It represents craftsmanship, applying the finest German engineering with a fast-paced, energetic, colorful and futuristic flair.

MCM Today

MCM finds compelling inspiration from the worlds of fashion, entertainment, music, art, and technology, always with an eye toward the bold, the surprising, and the new. From East to West, North to South, MCM shapes its view on style from a global perspective, blending a distinctly European sense of the instinct with a frenetic energy of Asian pop culture. At the heart of its designs lies a deep drive toward innovation, revolutionizing classic designs with breakthrough materials and contemporary aesthetics. MCM's commitment to German craftsmanship arises from a foundation of masterful quality and design. This legacy enables a bold freedom with MCM's energy, attitude, and style. MCM is a worldwide leader in apparel and accessories for a new generation of universal citizens who seek purely to express themselves. Currently MCM is sold in 365 stores in 35 countries, with doors in cities like Munich, Berlin, Zurich, London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo. The brand is also sold by prestigious retailers in key markets including the US, the UK, France, Germany, UAE, Italy and Russia. An online flagship, www.mcmworldwide.com, serves the U.S. e-commerce market.

New School Luxury

The international jet-set who embraced MCM at its conception has evolved to become a global tribe of subcultural citizens who've architected a style called New School Luxury. Driven purely by instinct, these digital natives and Gen-Z dreamers approach their fashions with a freedom of mind, body, and spirit. MCM is their uniform because it enables the expression of a thoroughly modern style and lifestyle: genderless, ageless, without rules or boundaries. As universal citizens, this curious generation represents a perpetually mobile tribe of style-setters who write their own stories and live by their own agendas. Their only desire? To be creative, to be free, and to express.

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